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...Today's word is...  
03:35am 05/10/2009
mood: awakeawake
music: Gurguling pipes
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Today's word is...  
07:58pm 28/09/2009
location: Bowe St
mood: melancholymelancholy
music: Someone else's obnoxious reggae
tags: whatever
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(no subject)  
03:16pm 20/11/2008
I hate you.Collapse )
mood: pissed offpissed off
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...Things Fall Apart...?  
07:53pm 06/08/2007
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You: Oh, is that a Chai Tea Smoothie from the Coffee Beanery and a guitar case I see?
Me: Why yes, yes it is.
You: How strange. I didn't think the Coffee Beanery made Chai Tea smoothies
Me: Why yes, you're right. They don't.
You: Hmm. Don't you have summer homework to do?
Me: Why yes, I do. And I'm pretending it doesn't exist, choosing instead to chug the smoothie that Meggles made espeically for me, ignore the fact that I haven't eaten dinner yet, and learn how to play Bright Eyes songs on my guitar. :D

Yeah. I'm a slob. And yeah, I ought to do my homework, but I'm almost done (all I have left is about five questions) and if I don't take a break from thinking about how the fuck rank is involved in the kola nut ceremony my head might explode.

Seriously. WHAT the fuck is the answer to that one?
mood: grumpygrumpy
music: Bright Eyes-Waste of Paint
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...You're the one I want, Kaido-kun...  
11:45pm 24/08/2006

That is all.
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Friends Lock  
06:32pm 09/12/2005
That's right, I locked my journal finally. I've got a banner, too.

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